WELCOME! To Pittsburgh’s own civic roast! Now in its 13th year!


(OTR VI) Billy Hartung as

“Big Ben” on a new ‘bike.’

Off The Record XI ...“No Fracking Way!”  
  Get a glimpse of the fun we had on Oct. 6, 2011 while raising $46,000 for the food bank and additional funds for the PIttsburgh Promise and union scholarship funds.  

http://youtu.be/vgFF_vlpKTI -- Off the Record: Sid the Kid, Superstar 

http://youtu.be/yWIWX08mvJU -- Off the Record: Send in the Browns

http://youtu.be/lD77hStHRe8 -- Off the Record: I Remember that Wellhttp://youtu.be/vgFF_vlpKTIhttp://youtu.be/yWIWX08mvJUhttp://youtu.be/lD77hStHRe8shapeimage_13_link_0shapeimage_13_link_1shapeimage_13_link_2